Dream Eight Dreams in Greater Khingan Mountains

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If that the shape and color of Dreams, the texture of Dreams, and the perception of Dreams constitute the basic prototype of this spring and summer collection, then a rambling journey of bodies and minds would undoubtedly add a bit of fancy to fashion inspiration. Narrative materials, the natural landscape of the Greater Khingan Mountains, obviously contributed an unexpectedly giant background to P.J's dream of nature this time.

"Anything forms outsides must be shaped insides." Dreams by dreams there were the collision of natural colors and psychic consciousness, the intersection of modern emotion and knitting technology, the folds and breaks between mountains, the crimson sunset, the golden haystacks, as well as the dark blue sky. Patches of thoughts were caused by the smoke in distance, by the herds of cattle and horses, by the vehicles in groups, and by the scenery on the road in which high-speed galloping eliminates time and space.

If the film Dreams is a philosophy poetry written by Akira Kurosawa to the modern society, then Dream Eight Dreams in Greater Khingan Mountains embodies the changes and new knowledge of P.J's life essence. Due to the development and evolution of personal career. from apartment to outdoors, from nature to animals, she gained creative energy and established the connection with the land again. The soft carpeted pine needles forests, the calm-clear Tianchi... from which all elements of beauty extracted, are used to pay respect to the solemnity and integrity of life itself. Natural creatures give people impressions of strength, shock, and wonder, at the same time, they give people feelings of relaxation, reflection, and generosity. Following the changes of the scenery, the designer’s abundant creative emotions led the fabric between minds and vision to grow a real clothing gradually.

A writer once said that "dreams are the perception of distant memories of human beings", that psychedelic, claustrophobic, poetic, frightening, or full of fun, endows people endless imagination and creativity, in the meantime, they assume the responsibility of warning. Just like clothing shows the balance of practicality and beauty. The spring and summer collection is a comprehensive fashion styling that combines the sense of security and the transparency of silky softness.

The dark soil of the Great Khingan Mountains silently breeds a thick and soft dream of nature. What kind of dream is about to sprout from the technological world that human beings encountering? The parable of the agricultural landscape has already revealed the message that life owns its natural cycle, and instead of violently resisting it, perhaps, the road to maturity is to exactly engaged in life, experience nature and embrace nature within countless efforts.

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