Immersed in art for a long time, P.J makes clothes as if she is making "large" sculptures. The ingenuity form the designer is clearly recognizable if we interpreted it from the perspective of the modeling. The design industry classifies clothing silhouettes into 6 types. As time goes by, ARP's clothing styling is mainly known for A-type and H-shape. The long H-type and the short H-type emphasize straight cutting, express the smart manner and outstanding personality; A-Type is mainly pendant, highlighting young,soft,elegant and feminine beauty. P.J said that due to the change of fabric partner, the new season's materials are smooth and neat, so she definitely prepared and did her best. When it came to the inspiration nurturing, the natural landscape around Mount Alshan volcano in Inner Mongolia, where volcanic rocks and moss coexisting, gave her a lot imagination.

The black woolen coat is dark and shiny, as delicate as horse hair; The short brown fur coat, fluffy yet smart; The gray pigeon-colored fur coat used a special process, leading the surface texture spread out like an oil painting, as if no matter dry or wet, the traces of brushstrokes still present; In terms of the overall silhouette, the sense of mass imprinted on the retina still maintains a strong thick and solid shape, outlining the brand's personality. There are two types of shirts this season, one black hot flower, and one beige, which have in common a deep sleeve cuff and a ruffled collar with lotus leaf shape decoration. The connection design is slightly different, the black version is the pullover type, the beige version is the buttons down the front type, the latter, lower hem naturally extends to form an S-shaped exposure, which looks like an elongated leaf hole door from the front. China Suit is a contemporary interpretation of the inspiration for Chinese tunic suit since P.J’s beginning of the brand, which has weakened the majestic image of cadre clothing, instead of the atmosphere of daily life, that is suitable for casual wear for urban fashion groups.

"The earth cracked a hole, and lava poured out from the ground, burning like fire", 65 million years of crustal movements precipitated over time to form a volcanic landscape, a small piece of moss grew up in the craggy ridges, and finally achieved infinite scenery. Moss shows an asymptotic natural wisdom, as art nourishes the designer, allowing tenderness to be transformed into increasingly sophisticated technology. In the recently popular science fiction movie "The Wandering Earth 2", "MOSS" is set as the digital life that saved human civilization, however, in the mission of continuing its own fashion style genes, breaking the definition and maintaining refinement is the goal that drives the brand ARP to continue to advance.

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