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"A R P x MEIHUA Sports Capsule Collection 2018 – 2019. For those born in China before the 1980s, Mei Hua sportswear is a symbol of the past and youth. It bears witness to the era of China's Olympic gold medals in sports and serves as the pioneer of China's sportswear industry.

In 2017, Mei Hua collaborated with the independent designer brand A R P (ATELIER ROUGE PÉKIN) to reinvigorate the brand through a tribute capsule collection.

Respecting the brand's classic heritage while infusing it with fresh energy was a pivotal aspect. P.J, co-founder and creative director of the A R P brand, believes that retro-inspired sportswear with a modern twist is undoubtedly a crucial product resonating with the tastes of millennials. She chose to begin with Mei Hua's iconic sports jacket, straightforwardly embroidering the brand's name as a slogan on the chest. Additionally, she designed a new logo for the collaborative series, maintaining fidelity to the brand's color codes. By using new materials and introducing oversized cuts, the collection gained a heightened urban flair, and all of these ideas coalesced to give birth to the Fall Winter collection."

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