Edition 22 "Angel of the North"

"There are no angels in this world, but everyone longs to see angels."

Angel of the North is an astonishing work by artist Antony Gormley that lasted four years. The regionalism, the sense of power, and the simplicity of presentation are the most direct source of inspiration that P.J learned from this work.

This season is still dominated by black and gray, while the overall remains cool color tone. Black is mysterious, cool, solemn; black may also be fear, depression, and unknown. The repeated outbreak of the COVID-19 still haunts everyone. In P.J's own words, she described it as "a little bit panic, a few of indignation, and some worries". In image processing technology, gray represents a mid-tone, indicating brightness, and there are a total of 256 grayscale levels from black to white. Since gray has no color and only displays lightness, it is neutrality. It often endows fashion with an affluent exquisite feeling, and derives interesting tastes of changeable, advanced as well as intellectual. P.J chooses light gray to interpret her inner feelings at this moment. I think she hopes to use a lightness to fade out such invisible repression.

Technological movement, generational change, in fact, everything is in uncertain fluxion. As the artist explains his motivation for his work: "The idea of eternity is wrong. We can only live in the moment, and we must strive to act directly to free ourselves from the opposite way." When it comes to materials for this new season, P.J said she tried some fur again, hoping that the soft-silky Tuscan wool would be warm and comfortable to whom lives in the cold northern winter. The endlessness of fashion, the true meaning of which lies in the various aspects that could be created in life, while the design is perceptual sensitive enough in order to inject beautiful vitality into things around. Considering every piece of fabric, conceiving each inch of tailoring, being concern for the closely contact with the skin, and imagining the living environment of the wearer, it belongs to the scope of applicability of daily life, but separated from its functional framework; it outlines a gorgeous artificial visionary, however, it brings a very real and purify experience, indicating that people should look at the existing from a new angle.

Art history usually realizes the self-transformation of its inner proposition on the form of rebirth. 500 years ago, the archangel painted by Raphael guarded people's physical and mental health, and taught Noah the knowledge and skills of building the ark; 24 years ago, Gormley's Angel of the North reversed the rise and fall of a city, and became a symbol of a common will to revive the region , and gained hope in the gaze of the audience. Among the 21 cases of angels created by P.J this season, there are elegant, dumb, refreshing, and steady. They all proclaim the irresistible verve and multiplicity released from the slender body of women, and with its consistent sculptural quality and paranoid pursuit of meticulous craftsmanship, it reveals the inherent nature of human with the world, dissolving rather than confrontation, trusting rather than bondage, loving and being loved.

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