Since the establishment of the "Waz Common Art Fund" in 2021, the brand has been dedicated to extending art projects beyond fashion. This represents a comprehensive, long-term project plan and aligns with P.J's pursuit. Through cross-boundary collaborations with art, the ARP brand aims to create more opportunities for breakthroughs and integration while generating richer and more stylish extended content.

The Sculpture Art

Yang Song's piece "Dust to Dust" exemplifies an explosive emotional potency that resonated with many, including professional audiences. His utilization of clay sculpture, which inherently carries a relatively primitive demeanor, explores novel potentialities. The artist endows these mud sculptures with life—though not resuscitating the body, they animate the material. The material, existing in water, persists in acceleration, movement, and transformation until it transmutes to ashes. This latent metaphorical impact, fostering associations contingent upon material assistance, is self-evident. It's a symbiotic coexistence between materials and the audience's imagination, claiming both emotions and form, showcasing the art's enchantment.

Inspired by Yang Song's piece "PEELING EARTH," the non-gender daily workwear shirts and T-shirts bear a dual function suitable for urban and outdoor activities.

It encapsulates a narrative akin to Yang's sentiment: "I see water as my blood and soil as my body. Mud is a blend of water and soil, and to me, mud itself resembles flesh and blood. The essence of mud is in constant flux. Diverse forms represent utterly distinct states—signifying shrinkage, chaos, formlessness, silkiness, flow, collapse, fissures, and peeling. It's a nuanced interplay between water and soil, blood and flesh."

Simple colors and practical wearability constitute the fundamental prerequisites of garment design. Through methods such as offset printing, spray painting, patchwork, and embroidery, the crafting process has undergone numerous iterations to accentuate the artist's work's inspirational nuances. This imparts uniqueness and effectively delivers the artist's impact, resulting in an impressive contemporary quality.

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