ARP X 杨淞

Since the establishment of "Waz Common Art Fund" in 2021, the brand has been committed to expanding art projects beyond fashion. This is a long-term and inclusive project planning as well as the goal that P.J strives to pursue. In the cross-boundary cooperation with art, the ARP brand seeks more opportunity for breakthrough and integration, also creates more affluent and fashionable extending content.

The Sculpture Art

Yang Song’s work "Dust to Dust" showcases an explosive power of emotional ability that touched many people including professional audiences. His reuse of the clay sculpture that relatively primitive statues, figures out some new possibilities. The artist makes them, the mud sculpture, alive, not the reviving of the body, but the living of materials. The material living in the water, continues to be accelerated, moving and changing, until it turns to be ashes! This concealed metaphorical effect, to transfer associations, depending on the help of materials, is self-evident. It is a win-win coexist of materials and the audience's imagination, it wins the emotion, and also wins the form, showing how charming of the art.

Inspired by the Yang Song’s piece of PEELING EARTH, the non-gender daily work-wear shirts and T-shirts bear a certain double function of urban-outdoor activities.

It statements a story that as Yang puts like, "I stare water as my blood and soil as my body. Mud is a blending mixture of water and soil. In my opinion, mud itself is a kind of flesh and blood. The nature of mud is ever-changing. Different forms present completely different states, they figure out shrinking, chaos, formless, silky, flowing, collapsing, chapped and peeling. It is a delicate game between water and soil, blood and flesh. "

Simple colors and practical wearing are the basis requirements of garment design. By efforts of offset printing, spray painting, patching and embroidering, the producing craftsmanship process has also been overwhelming tried for many times, to highlight the inspiration details of the artist's work, adding uniqueness, as well as to present the impressed effective current quality.

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