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A R P X 内联升

"Nei Lian Sheng, established in 1853 during the Xianfeng era, is renowned as Beijing’s century-old shoe brand. This is precisely why the collaboration was destined. A R P had always aspired to champion Beijing's craftsmanship, and the opportunity to curate its own Nei Lian Sheng collection was an unparalleled chance that we couldn't decline.

A R P has consistently harbored a fervor for Chinese elements. From its logo—the Chinese star—to reimagining the iconic Mao jackets and integrating 1980s Chinese elements into its collections, such as the table tennis and factory girl series, A R P's intention isn't merely to embody Chinese fashion, but to revolutionize the perception of Chinese fashion.

Chinese fashion is making its mark on the global industry, and A R P's mission is to construct authentic Chinese fashion by upholding its traditions."

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